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About Us

The Expert faculty members of EDIFICATION TUTORIAL and MOTION EDUCATION have so designed the flow of course for these programmes that sufficient time becomes available to students enrolled for these programmes to study sciences and mathematics (wherever applicable), attain dexterity in all laboratory assignments a proactive environment and prepare well for their CBSE/CISCE and targeted competitive examinations; as they get required hours for self study, completing all assignments in a diligent manner.

The wonderful part is few hours of out-door sports and socials are provided for in the daily schedule provided by MOTION to the aspirants. In short all that is needed for development of holistic personality in formative years of students' lives is provided for in prescribed schedules. However the aspirants undergoing these programmes have to ensure that they do not waste any time and faithfully follow not only the school hours' time table but also that for after school hours.These programs are NOT for PROFIT initiatives of EDIFICATION TUTORIALS and the Associate School.

The two institutes work as close knit team for Developing Proficient Communication skills with confidence in every enrolled Student, Inculcating Yoga and Sports as a lifelong discipline for holistic bliss, Imbibing proper methodologies to enhance EQ and IQ, Instilling Indian Culture & Values and Developing Leadership qualities.

Our Mission

To Create Ethical And Intellectual Students Through Qualitative Education.

  • Educators promote core ethical and performance values to instill good thinking in students.
  • A comprehensive definition of character, which includes thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • To support this process, we create caring and supportive communities.
  • We create a challenging academic environment to helps students develop multiple folds.
  • Educators foster self-motivation in students.
  • Educators and all staff are part of an ethical learning community and adhere to the same values that they teach.

Our Vision

To Provide A Platform For Intellectual Stimulation And Springboards For Thought.

  • We focus on service to students as the core value of the Academic Success Centres.
  • We exhibit an ethic of care in working with all students, staff, and faculty.
  • We honor the diversity of student identities, experiences, purposes, and learning styles.
  • We operate with a spirit of generosity in the exchange of expertise, knowledge, and resources.
  • We value hopefulness and possibility.
  • We expect life balance and professional excellence.
  • We conduct our work through deep listening, creative problem solving, and collaboration.